Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For Safe Keeping

Doncha just love it when you put something important "somewhere safe" until you realize that you have no idea where you put it?

Case in point: I am working on a major piece that requires the use of a unique, handmade focal component that I have had for quite a while.  My three year old is fascinated with everything on my work table, so I occasionally allow him to explore and touch the various beads and components I have spread out for various projects.

The last time I can remember seeing this very important unique, handmade focal component, it was in the chubby hands of my delighted three year old, running somewhere towards the kitchen.  I seem to remember retrieving it, placing it in the pocket of my bathrobe, and then I put it......where?

I have turned all my drawers inside out.  It is not in the drawers where I keep beads for my current projects.  It is not in the bag of inventory that I usually keep on my desk.  Nor is it stashed away with the beads in my drawers that are labeled "Someday".  It is NOWHERE.

My husband will laugh at me when I tell him this and say, "Oh, well, I'm so surprised - you're so well-organized!"

But the truth is that even well-organized folks lose things from time to time.  (And I won't go into detail about the pile of "stuff" that is on HIS dresser in the bedroom!)

So now, my only option is to spend half a day clearing everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - off of all three work surfaces in my "corner office" and see if I can find the aforementioned unique, handmade focal component.  Wish me luck, and leave a comment about the time you lost something you thought you had put in a safe place - it'll make me feel better.


  1. I misplace things whenever I clean-up my work space. I think I am organizing my space by putting something here or there but then I forget my new way of organizing and have to back track. But I do have plenty of help when I have to look for whatever it is that I have put away... my dog Charlie... he likes to put his head in the drawer I am searching through and so I have to look around his head. Under the couch or in the cabinet and in the closet he goes with... And then when I seriously can't find it, I have the kids take him out for some play time while I re-look through the drawers, cabinets, closets, etc LOL.

  2. I have lost many a bead in my semi-organized stash. I have these gorgeous blue blown-glass-looking beads that I got from a chain store before they closed several years ago. I bought them with a wirework pattern in mind but changed my mind, as I don't really work in that medium any more. So I've been keeping them tucked away for the perfect project. I found them a few months ago and moved them from their original spot but now that I have an idea for them, you guessed it, they are nowhere to be found. I know I put them somewhere "safe" and probably in plain sight, since I planned on using them soon, but I just can't find them. They'll pop up as soon as I use something else in the project, I'm sure. ;)

  3. We recently did a "Spring Cleaning", so naturally a lot ot stuff gets re-organized. As I get older, it gets harder to remember where I put stuff, or sometimes what I'm looking for. (I end up in the "here after". That's when you get up and go into a room, and forget what your here after) My new solution to finding things in their new home, I've been leaving little sticky notes in their old familiar location, telling me where I moved them to. Funny thing is, I forgot I did that, untill I found the first note.

  4. Check you "empty" Tupperware I found something there that was really safe, for three years.